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Liz Owens
Chief Executive Officer

Curt Gwinn
Finance Director

Linda Reay
Human Resources Manager

Sheila Thomas
Kathy Bender
Administrative Assistant
Candace Lee

Community Services

Elliott Castello
Community Services Director
Nina Williams
Billing Specialist
Liz Minich
Program Coordinator Westerville
Christina Sayres
ACE Program Coordinator
Leslie Pettit
Benefits Specialist
Erika Pitroff
Vocational Specialist

Kayla Palmiter
Vocational Specialist
Chari Shick
Vocational Specialist

Program Services

Jim Cornett
Program Services Director
Rhoda Brewer
Adult Day Services Coordinator
Todd Melfe
Production Coordinator
Project Coordinator
Tom Patterson
Transportation Coordinator
Barb Gossett
Program Specialist
Jennifer Thompson
Program Specialist
Tiffany Estes
Program Specialist 
ADS Delaware
Kerry Lane
Program Specialist
ADS Lewis Center
Cortney Davis
Integration Specialist

Supportive Living Services

Susan Cornett
Supportive Living Director
Jason Delaughder
Supportive Living Coordinator


Front: Sheila Thomas, Lois Oswald, 
Catlyn Towbridge, Courtney Hines, Liz Owens, Jennifer Turner. 

Back: Jim Cornett, Elliott Castello.

 Community Services

Front: Nina Williams, Liz Minich, Elliott Castello, Susan Cornett, Kayla Palmiter.

Back:  Erika Pitroff, Chari Shick, Leslie Petitt, Christina Sayres.

Program Services

Front: Sarah McCague, Rita Estep, Brooke Wandling, Rhoda Brewer, Barb Gossett, Cortney Davis, Connie Randall, Page Ott,  
Karen Murray.

Middle: Catlyn Trowbridge, Amber Young, Brittany Holten, Deanna Partlow, Kerry Lane, Tiffany Estes, Jenna Estes, Terri Franklin.

Back: Todd Melfe, Jim Cornett, Jeff Lauber, Steve Childers.

Lawn Services

Front: Charlie Jackson, John Besselman, Randy Turner, Ben Turner, Tony Brinkman, Rick Schultz, Matt Waldron, Dave Crotty, Tim Dodge.


Front: Chrys Rice, Donna Clark.

Back: Jim Cornett, David Scarlett, Lyn Stoyer, 
Darrell Richert, Tim Wolfe, Bill Cawley.

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